by Sam Graber

Directed by Katrin Hilbe

The acclaimed NYC premiere ran for 4 weeks in March 2018 before its heralded European tour (Jan 2019) to TAK Theater, Theater Konstanz and the American Theater Festival in Rome.

Shooter is the story of a shooter-massacre stopped before it can happen. When Jim sees a teenage boy with two shotguns beneath his trench coat nearing the entrance of the local high school, Jim pulls his own firearm and stops a potential massacre. Jim is a hero. But as more details on the incident are uncovered, what really happened becomes a lot less clear.

Shooter is a human tale focusing on the fallout between three friends, each of whom may have contributed some way to the would-be shooting. In an era rife with massacres carried out almost exclusively by men, Shooter explores the relationship of gun violence to the male identity.

Shooter stars Ean Sheehy (NYTW’s Red-Eye to Havre de Grace, Theresa Rebeck’s What We’re Up Against), Ian Gould (The Show-Off and In Bed with Roy Cohn), David Perez-Ribada (Change at HERE), Michael Gnat (The Navigator, 2009 nytheatre.com Person of the Year) and Nicholas-Tyler Corbin (Lili Marlene at St. Luke’s Theater). The production team includes Chava Curland (assistant director & associate producer), Sarah Edkins (set), Cheyenne Sykes (lighting and projection design), Andy Evan Cohen (sound design), Cathy Small (costumes), Charles C. Casano (stage manager) and Kati Hind (tour manager).


With the generous contribution of Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, Stiftung Fürstlicher Kommerzienrat Guido Feger, Karl Mayer Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent.


“Skillfully written play… Katrin Hilbe directs the show meticulously… Ean Sheehy gives a terrific performance… exposing the character’s journey with focus and clarity”

“Director Hilbe masterfully weaves dramatic moments together…riveting drama focuses attention on an issue of crucial importance in our world.”

“Shooter makes a lot of smart choices when it comes to dealing with its subject.”

“interrogates both liberal and conservative points of view in earnest by focusing on the humanity of the issue… Shooter is not a quintessential NYC play”
“How can such a thing happen? Given that it was written by a man, performed by men, but directed and designed exclusively by women, this allowed the statements to be even more harsh than intended. A strong play, strong performers and intense direction.”
“The tension, palpable throughout the play, is heightened by Andy Evan Cohen´s intricate sound design, which accentuated important moments at times harshly, at times soothing.”

photos by Sara Foser


Sam Graber is an American playwright based in Minneapolis, MN. In 2016 his play Modern Prophet was awarded to the Broadway Producer List (NYC). His plays have performed in some shape or form by theater companies from NYC to LA with many stage stops in between. He is an associate artist of Swandive Theatre and Board Member at Arts Nest. His plays Detainee, Lottery Play and Everything’s Free! have been published in the Smith & Kraus ‘Best Plays’ anthologies. He teaches at The Playwrights’ Center. For more visit www.SamGraber.com.
Katrin Hilbe is a director of Liechtenstein-Kansas origin, working in the US and in Europe. Her production of R. Strauss’ Salome for New Orleans Opera won “Best Opera Production,” and her production of Julia Pascal's St Joan won the Hilton Edwards Award for best direction and adaptation at the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival. Katrin is a regular contributor to EUROPEAN STAGES, a publication of the Martin E. Segal Center. Katrin is a member of SDC, LPTW, TRU, DG and the PDU of The Actors Studio. For more visit www.KatrinHilbe.com.

ManyTracks. Since its inception in 2009, ManyTracks has steadily generated projects of varied subjects, themes and ambitions that have been seen in New York, Seattle, Edinburgh, London, Dublin, and Liechtenstein. Past productions include a revival of The Savannah Disputation by Evan Smith, a new translation of a Georg Büchner’s Danton’s Death, the World Premiere of Hayley Heaton’s The Man in the Newspaper Hat, and Rivka Bekerman-Greenberg’s Breaking the Silence starring Jan Leslie Harding. For more visit www.ManyTracks.org.

CAST - Original NYC Production

Jim - Ean Sheehy*

Alan - CK Allen

Ben-David - David Perez-Ribada*

Troy - Michael Gnat*

Gavin - Nicholas-Tyler Corbin

CAST - European Tour

Jim - Ean Sheehy*

Alan - Ian Gould*

Ben-David - David Perez-Ribada*

Troy - Michael Gnat*

Gavin - Nicholas-Tyler Corbin


Direction & Production – Katrin Hilbe +

Assistant Director/Associate Producer - Chava Curland (NYC)

Scenic Design – Sarah Edkins

Projection Design - Cheyenne Sykes

Lighting Design Europe - Kati Hind

Sound Design - Andy Evan Cohen

Costume Design - Cathy Small

Photography - Carol Rosegg, Sara Foser, Zaira Biagini

Stage Management - Charles C. Casano, Kati Hind

PR - Spin Cycle NYC

+ member of SDC * member of AEA
photos by Sara Foser


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